#10. If your nice, Chewie might let you pet him

#9. Worf never ripped any arms out of people's sockets when he lost

#8. Chewie is second in command of a ship. Worf is still a Lt. on a spacestation.

#7. Chewie can take a person out with one hit. Worf has to use a slow motion 3 hit combo.

#6. Chewie will never have to use HAIR CLUB FOR MEN

#5. A bow-caster has better range than a Ba'lith

#4. When in a fight, Chewie never lets a little thing like honor get in the way

#3. Chewie would never waste time trying to figure out which day would be a good day to die

#2. Worf never plays any mind stimulating games like chess

#1. Chewie would never have two bald captains in a row

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